The Council wishes to inform our esteem professional public that COMEG’s MANDATORY PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION for registration of new members is now fixed to hold in April and October every year. However, in view of the exigency of the moment, we have resolved to conduct another Mandatory Professional Examination ONLINE on 27th and 28th November, 2020 to mop-up recent applications for registration (submitted/or to be submitted) by those who wish to participate in the 10th Induction Ceremony holding on 15th December, 2020. Furthermore, it has now become compulsory that only financially up-to-date registered members are eligible to sponsor new applicants in other to validate their submitted applications and qualify them, amongst all, for the exam. Registered members are hereby urged to update their financial status, regularly, as a statutory obligation to avail these new applicants the opportunity of registering with COMEG to make their professional practices lawful!!!

Our Mandate

COMEG is charged with the responsibility of prescribing and enforcing the standards of education and experience for persons to practise as professionals in the Extractive Industries. It also has the responsibility to register, regulate and control the practices of Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Metallurgy, Mineral Processing Engineering and the Geosciences in all aspects and ramifications

Our Mission

To be proactive in ensuring quality manpower for the Nigerian Extractive Industries while maintaining professionalism through registration, regulation and training among others

Our Vision

To ensure professionalism through education and regulation of practices in the Nigerian Extractive Industries

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About Us

The Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG) is the regulatory body for all professionals and firms in the Geosciences, Mining Engineering and Metallurgy in the country. COMEG was established through ACT No. 40 of 1990 and was inaugurated on 12th September, 2000. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria performed the inaugural Registration Ceremony of COMEG and presented the instruments of registration and practice to the Chairman of the Council on 30th January 2003.

Its major thrust is to regulate and control the practices of professionals in the fields of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, etc. These professionals through their practices, contribute over eighty percent (80%) of Nigeria's foreign exchange earnings annually. COMEG's regulatory responsibilities are targeted at the extractive industries, which undoubtedly constitute the backbone of the nation's economy. By definition, the mining engineering professions include mining engineers, petroleum engineers, metallurgists and their technologists while geoscientists include geologists, petroleum geologists, hydrogeologists, engineering geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, exploration geologists, etc. The regulatory functions of COMEG cover professionals and firms in the solid minerals, petroleum, water resources, power and steel and environment. By law, the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development is the supervisory Ministry of COMEG.

Arch Olamilekan Adegbite

Honourable Minister

Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (MMSD)

Chief Godspower Ibimotimi Okpoi_ PhD

Council Chiarman


Prof. Zacheus O. Opafunso



Act No 40 of 1990, Part VI, Section 17 (1) states...

"Subject to the provisions of this Act, a person, who is not registered in accordance with this Act, shall not be entitled to hold any appointment in the public service of the Federation or of a State or in any public or private establishment, body or institution, if the holding of such appointment involves the performance by him in Nigeria of any Act pertaining to the relevant profession for gain."

Register with COMEG to make your Professional Practices Lawful!!!

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Council wishes to inform our esteem professional public that COMEG’s MANDATORY PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION for registration of new members is now fixed to hold in April and October every year....

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